The Legacy of Lightfoot was born out of an enduring respect and reverence for the iconic music of Gordon Lightfoot. Take a journey through one of the deepest and most prolific catalogues of songs ever written. Not only was Gordon Lightfoot one of the most skilled songwriters of his generation, but he had the voice and charisma to match. The musicians who have come together to celebrate The Legacy of Lightfoot combine their decades of experience as performers and songwriters to give a meaningful and engaging performance of his enduring catalogue of music. From his days playing the coffee houses in the 1960’s to the mega hits of the 70’s and all the way up to the beautiful music written in his later years, The Legacy of Lightfoot shines a light on the entirety of Gordon’s masterful career.

Oliver Swain & Dylan Stone are two of British Columbia’s greatly accomplished and experienced songwriters & performers. Following the graceful passing of Gordon Lightfoot in May 2023 musicians Swain & Stone surrounded themselves with a talented cast of supporting musicians and collaborated to organize a concert to celebrate Gordon’s life and music. They found an over whelming response to their show and formed The Legacy Of Lightfoot. Together they share numerous accolades including award wins and nominations at the Juno’s, Western Canadian Music Awards and Canadian Folk Music Awards. What started as a humble celebration of Lightfoot’s music has now been elevated to a theatre production that is connecting to large audiences and giving the spirit and legacy of Lightfoot’s music a new life & longevity.

“You will go with me everywhere. When I’m dreaming, you still share my lonely nights” – Gordon Lightfoot


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Sidney BC
The Legacy of Lightfoot | Gordon Lightfoot Tribute
7:30 PM doors at 6:30 PM

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